Rasheeda Frost Tells People Not To Lose Faith - Read Her Encouraging Message

Rasheeda Frost Tells People Not To Lose Faith - Read Her Encouraging Message
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Rasheeda Frost likes to send positive messages to her fans, and a lot of people usually find comfort in the words that she shares.

Now, the Boss Lady sends a motivational message to her fans, and they appreciated her words. Check out the latest message that she has for people:

Someone told her 'You always give ppl a great feeling, that’s a Cool humble down to Earth post from a Real Been a BoSS Tho.'

One person needed to read such words and told Rasheeda: 'I needed these words today bless u 😍😘'

Another follower wrote 'I need to keep repeating this over and over again to myself. Thank you for sharing this message. The Lord knew I needed it this morning. I believe he spoke through IG. Thank you and make it a blessed day!'

A supporter told the Boss Lady: 'thank you for that, Amen, I was just thinking I'm.so tired of getting overlooked when trying to apply for job promotion at my current job!! I really feel when the timing is right the door will open.'

Not too long ago, Rasheeda was proud to tell her fans that she received a visit at her store that’s worth remembering.

More celebrities visit her store all the time, and Rasheeda was recently delighted to tell her fans that  Dapper Dan just dropped by .

Rasheeda and Kirk Frost did not have a good start in 2019 because you all know by now that her brother in law Kirk's oldest brother died, about one year since his mom's death. But she was there for Kirk all the time.

People have been telling Rasheeda that she's a true inspiration as a mother and as a woman and businesswoman as well.

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