Rasheeda Frost Tells Her Fans That She Should Be Working Out More These Days Instead Of Cooking

Rasheeda Frost Tells Her Fans That She Should Be Working Out More These Days Instead Of Cooking
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Rasheeda Frost has been cooking a lot these days as you probably saw by now. She has been posting all kinds of juicy videos and tasty recipes on her social media account.

Now, she's telling her fans that she believes she should be working out more instead of cooking, and she posted a really intense workout video. Check it out below.

'I gotta keep it real I shoulda been workin out more during the quarantine instead I was cooking 2-3 times a day! So now I’ve picked up a few extra pounds & that’s not gone cut it cause my birthday is coming up on 5/25 & I gotta get it together so here I am goin hard in my @whatwaistofficial defining belt. I will shed a few pounds & get ready for #geminiseason #getinshape #letsgo,' Rasheeda captioned her post.

Someone commented: 'Sisssssssss....ME TOO!!! Cooking cooking cooking and NO FREAKING WORKING OUT!! Ten pounds I gained!!! Girlllllllllll ...I'm on it now though!'

A follower said: 'Me too girl... mine is 06/20 I gotta get these workouts in,' and someone else posted this message: 'I've had that waistband for a while and I should be doing the same thing. I've been on some BS. Now it's time for me to get back into it and stop being lazy. Thanks for the inspiration @rasheedadaboss.chickk.'

One fan asked Rassheeda: '@rasheeda question. I know when it comes to you and products I know I can trust your judgement cause you not here for just a check you really care bout your fans and family. I know you been working out in @whatwaistofficial for a year now, have you seen a lot of change, do you only wear when you workout?'

Someone else also called Rasheeda motivational and said: 'My motivation‼️ ah, right after my Lady M classic 10” cake has been happily greedily enjoyed to its last slice.'

One other follower said: 'You got this! I have two daughters that are Gemini ladies! I love their outlook on life and energy!'

A fan said: 'Girl! I feel the same way... getting ready to start my work out right now!'

In other news, Rasheeda made her fans excited when she announced on her social media account that new masks are back in stock at her Pressed Boutique.

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