Rasheeda Frost Takes Handsome Karter Frost To Her Pressed Boutique And Fans Think They're Slaying Their Outfits

Rasheeda Frost Takes Handsome Karter Frost To Her Pressed Boutique And Fans Think They're Slaying Their Outfits
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It looks like Rasheeda and Kirk Frost's son, Karter Frost is taking after his parents because the young man is slaying his outfit. Well, okay, we know that his mom probably dressed him, but he will definitely grow up to be a fly young man.

Rasheeda Frost took her boy to her Pressed boutique, and some of the fans got a chance to meet him, and they said this in the comments section.

Followers are impressed with how handsome Karter is becoming, and the people who got a chance to meet him at the store were completely impressed.

Usually, fans love that they can meet Rasheeda, her mom, and even her son at the shop and some of them come to visit the boutique with this in mind.

Rasheeda captioned her post with 'Just me & the lil boss man at work chillin #pressed come holla😘'

Someone said '@rasheedadabosschick I Came in today and lil man started talking to me. He told me he almost put his phone in the toilet like he does his other toys😂😂 and he also woke me up when I took a quick nap😂😂 he's so friendly.'

Another supporter gushed over Rasheeda and her store: 'So dope & beautiful!!! Bought my son a Black Panther shirt from Pressed today❤️ Thanks for being cool Rasheeda & taking a pic with me. I’m from Chicago & love you 👑 take care.'

One commenter praised the Boss Lady and had some really big words for her: 'You are the most professional Atlanta business owner. Thank you. You realize people from all cities support you even New Orleans. Many of your fellow business owners are posing nasty things about the Saints fans and their lost. #professional.'

A person thinks it's great that she's bringing her kid to work: 'I love that you bring him to work and have him around the business environment, just a positive influence on him totally.'

What do you think about Rasheeda taking Karter to work with her?

She recently announced her fans that a really important person visited her store .

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  • Charles
    Charles Jan 21, 2019 12:55 PM PST

    Stop it already with the designer labels, it looks tacky n country. Rock ur own label. 2019 baby wake up!

  • Ingrid Beckham
    Ingrid Beckham Jan 21, 2019 7:52 AM PST

    Dear Ms. Frost I look up to your strength and power your doing what white women have done for years. You sang at my birthday party one year in Birmingham at a club called the Volcano you were gorgeous. I am very sick now I have lupus with no cure. I have three kids and finances are terrible. I wish I could met you one last time and my kids too. You are truly something to admire. God bless you and your family.

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