Rasheeda Frost Started Fasting On January 1st - Learn More Details In Her Video

Rasheeda Frost Started Fasting On January 1st - Learn More Details In Her Video
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Rasheeda Frost started fasting on January the 1st, but she told her fans that it's not too late to start now. Check out the motivational message that she shared on her social media account.

'My 30 day fast started on January 1st, but it’s never too late to start, so join us & grab your @whatwaistofficial waistband & let’s hit the gym!!! #timetogetfine #getfit #2020 #letsgo #30daychallenge #fasting #workout #whatwaistofficial,' Rasheeda captioned her post.

Someone gushed over her and said: 'You are too damn cute. Hair matching everything 😍' and another follower posted this: 'U look hot as always ur a true beauty inside n out ur one in a million n such a blessing to us all hope ur well.'

One fan wrote: 'Your skin looks beautiful! Your glowing! Positive Vibes 2020!' and another commenter wrote: 'Omg I did this but I started a little before new year's.'

A commenter said: 'I have this same waist trainer 😍 wait so is it better to wear it on the outside on your clothes?? Ion wear mine like that lol let me know.'

Someone else wants to see a video made by both Rasheeda and her hubby Kirk Frost: '@rasheeda @frost117 y'all should do a fitness video together in the future. I know ya'll are super busy but ya'll are great together. I love it.'

Another follower does not seem to agree to this lifestyle involving fasting: 'No thank you, what's good for you and others is great. But the way my body is and my medical health I have my own workout that I'm working on. Bless!'

Otheer than this, Rasheeda and Kirk have been working really hard to make their venue Frost Bistro as amazing as possible.

Most fans who already went there are praising the location. They also say that the food there is delicious.

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