Rasheeda Frost Shows What Is Really Popping And Fans Are Going Wild Over Kirk's Wife's Pictures

Rasheeda Frost Shows What Is Really Popping And Fans Are Going Wild Over Kirk's Wife's Pictures
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Making a bold statement, Rasheeda Frost is ready for spring and is having the time of her life as she shows the world what is popping.

The Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star is a real fashionista who is not afraid to try unexpected looks and wild hair colors.

This week, Kirk Frost's wife took to social media where she showed off a very colorful shirt, wig, and shoes. She captioned the fashion posts: "When you color poppin 💕💙💚💛."

One fan reached out to Rasheeda and said: "Love her style Beautiful. She Rocks. I want this but blonde at roots and cobalt blue at the bottom. Rasheeda you are by the far one of the strongest, fiercest, dynamic, independent/co-dependent( can balance being a spouse, mother, etc.) BEAUTIFUL, SWEETEST SOULS AROUND! Keep spreading black girl magic!"

Another commenter stated: "Queen in color! Redshin Co. Tee for your down days! Got you! I love the way this queen rocks colors! Everything seems to suit her and makes her glow🙌🏽I’m trying to figure out why you look 20......!And the people spending money on the clothes should sometimes be modeling! Now and then don’t hurt, Bless others while we are being blessed!"

This supporter claimed: "Rasheeda Good morning... you have a beautiful day!! And don't let anybody play you, you know what you are doing!!😉always picture perfect #classic black beauty. Rasheeda only you can pull off all that color so tastefully."

In a recent interview, Rasheeda said this about staying on top of her game: "I think it’s important. What people have to understand is that a lot of things that you do have expiration dates and/or, things change. I started in the music industry very, very young and it was actually really beneficial to be an independent artist, own my own music, and allow music to use that platform for me that allowed me to spread my wings to television and helping me become an entrepreneur. At the same time, I think it’s important for people to understand and set goals and say, ‘Don’t be afraid to step out there onstage and step out there and start a business.’ But you’ve got to be committed to it, and you’ve got to execute it fully, and I think that’s where a lot of people might slack off at. It’s important if you’re doing music. You can’t just do music, and that be your only stream of income. Over time, that’s going to dwindle. Set yourself up for something else."

Rasheeda knows what she is doing.

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