Rasheeda Frost Shows Off Her Outfit For Ky Frost's Birthday Dinner - See The Clip

Rasheeda Frost Shows Off Her Outfit For Ky Frost's Birthday Dinner - See The Clip
Credit: BET

Recently, it's been revealed that Rasheeda Frost and Kirk celebrated their son's birthday. Both parents posted all kinds of messages and clips on their social media accounts in order to mark this important event.

Check out Rasheeda's outfit for the birthday dinner!

'Birthday dinner vibes!!!! Happy Birthday #Ky!!' she captioned the clip.

People had something to say about the way she walks in heels.

Someone said: 'Why you always walking like your feet hurt when you wear heels 👠 @rasheeda,' and another follower said: 'I swear I was thinking the same look like her feet hurt or them heals she can’t walk in, but she is definitely.'

Another commenter posted this: 'that lady been wearing heels for years. I sure the floor was probably slippery or something.'

One follower said: 'Black people and Gucci, God, please help us ooh 😂😂🇳🇬❤️' and someone else posted this: 'Gucci?? Really?? Have them give $$$ to an HBCU as part of the endorsement. It's a write off for them & a gift to someone black.'

Another commenter said: 'Happy Birthday....lol k cute but still rocking those Europe’s labels... love to see you wearing your lineup... enjoy your food...'

Someone else posted this: 'Did Gucci donate to an HBCU? Maybe rock a black designer instead. You look cute, though.'

One follower posted: 'On anyone else, this would be tacking and clownish.. but Rasheeda can make 8 ball Jackets cool again 😂😍.. she should really do her own clothing line ...'

Rasheeda Frost celebrates the birthday of her firstborn,  Ky Frost . She shared a video, and an emotional message on her social media account in order to mark this event.

‘Happy Birthday to my firstborn @kyfrost_ I love you so much!!! You are officially out of the teen bracket & the big 20!!! How time flies!! I love you so freakin much cuhhhhh till da wheels fall off!! #yall wish my baby #happybirthday,’ Rasheeda captioned her post.


Fans wished him all the best.


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