Rasheeda Frost Shows Off Her Natural Hair And Explains Fans Why She Keeps Wearing Wigs

Rasheeda Frost Shows Off Her Natural Hair And Explains Fans Why She Keeps Wearing Wigs
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Rasheeda Frost just posted a video in which she is showing her followers her natural hair, and she explains fans which is her hair-related goal. She is also telling us that until she reaches that specific goal, she will keep wearing wigs.

'So right now my hair is below my bra strap my goal is waist length give me about 12 months I’ll be there! Till then bout to braid it up back to my wigs!' Rasheeda captioned her post on Instagram.

One of her followers said 'this is my life. I’m trying not to cut but I’ll give it a few months. Just colored these roots and waited until you see them. ??‍♀️'

Another person wrote the following, trying to explain some details to Rasheeda's followers: 'She has different hair Y'all. A 3B/3C like me, and her hair has ALWAYS been long. It just grows fast. You're not doing anything wrong, just keep the heat away and stop manipulating it all the time. Keep it clean, deep conditioned, and ends trimmed REGULARLY and it will grow. Promise. :)'

Another person wanted to know Rasheeda's secret for such gorgeous hair: 'Ok so please share what your secret is? I am in the process of trying to grow my hair back, and I need help!'

Someone told The Boss Chick that 'You will be there less than a year. Your hair is already grazing waist length even if you dusted your ends a 1/4 inch after blow out. ??'

Another commenter gushed over Rasheeda's hair and said: 'Rasheeda girl wow your hair is so Beautiful, and you wear all those wigs. But they on point girl but REALLY✋?.'

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