Rasheeda Frost Shows Her Natural Hair In A Comfy Look At Work - Check Out Her Latest Video From Pressed Boutique

Rasheeda Frost Shows Her Natural Hair In A Comfy Look At Work - Check Out Her Latest Video From Pressed Boutique
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Rasheeda Frost went to work flaunting her natural hair and fans are in love. She also sported a really casual and simple look this time, and her followers are all here for it.

Check out the video that she posted from Pressed Boutique.

Fans love the fact that she likes to show off a natural look and they also made sure to praise her for wearing wigs because she wants to not because she needs to.

Someone said 'When she wears weaves cause she wants too not because she has too.'

Another follower also gushed over Rasheeda and said 'I love u @rasheeda can we get some music from u!! I wanna hear that talent and your story in song form!!!'

One other commenter said 'You are a businesswoman and a boss. Show all of it. That is the part people need to see.'

Someone else posted 'I am so visiting when I come to Atlanta next week to say I’ve been in your store!!! I’m so excited!!!! I hope you’re there!!!'

One other commenter priased Rasheeda's hair like many other and said 'You do not look a mess all that REAL hair you got girl stop lol.'

Someone posted 'U look very nice and NATURAL!!!... What is that pill called again that You just started back on hat helps with weight?'

Rasheeda and Kirk Frost have been recently shaken by a medium , and the Boss Lady shared a video to tease the whole thing on her social media account.

The two of them had the fortune read by the popular medium Tyler Henry.

In the sneak peek that Rasheeda shared  Tyler was trying to guess something, and it seems that someone from beyond, apparently a woman has positive feelings towards Kirk and Rasheeda being together and happy.

This might be Kirk’s mom who passed away, fans claimed.

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  • Eve
    Eve Mar 30, 2019 6:41 PM PDT

    People are so judgmental we need to stop and just be positive regardless of someone's transgressions cause we have them and need GOD mercy each day i wish the best for your you and your family your boys are very handsome bless you in your success

  • Winkylondon
    Winkylondon Mar 30, 2019 6:18 PM PDT

    Thank YOU

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