Rasheeda Frost Shocks Fans With This Latest Change Of Look

Rasheeda Frost Shocks Fans With This Latest Change Of Look
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Rasheeda Frost changed her look, and she's now sporting a blue bob. She shared more posts on social media with this new image and fans are definitely here for it.

'When you decide to go Blue Blue!! 💙💙 what should I call this one y’all? Hair from @diamonddynastyvirginhair' Rasheeda captioned one clip.

A lot of fans were shocked to see this new daring look of hers.

Someone said: 'You are beautiful with any color hair. Everybody can’t do that!😍'

One commenter posted: 'You can rock any color n it be fye you are beautiful!😍😍❤️'

Someone else shared: 'Goodness! How do you come up with these looks?! Do you just wake up, grab 5 crayons and make it into an amazing outfit?! Dress me please!'

One follower posted: 'You one of the many people who wear any colored wig and rock them well.'

One follower said: 'She believed in you, and she giving up on me too. I make all the wrong moves, but for you. Y'all thru.'

A fan wrote: 'That's my girl, right there! Her and @frost117 are two of the realest ppl I've ever met! Blessings to yall Family!'

Rasheeda recently shared a video in which she seems to have the time of her life together with Karter Frost.

‘Don’t ask me what da hell we doing but that’s my dawg right here & it’s not even my birthday 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣’ Rasheeda captioned her post.

Fans gushed over Karter in the comments.

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