Rasheeda Frost Rocks Her Favorite Outfit From Pressed Boutique And Fans Call Her A Trendsetter

Rasheeda Frost Rocks Her Favorite Outfit From Pressed Boutique And Fans Call Her A Trendsetter
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Rasheeda Frost shows fans what's her favorite top from Pressed Boutique and they praise her style. Her fans adore the fact that they can visit Rasheeda's store and get to meet their favorite star there and her mom as well.

Sometimes, Rasheeda even takes her and Kirk Frost's son, Karter to Pressed, so who knows, maybe you can see his as well if you pay a visit to the famous shop.

'When you re-rock your favorite top fit pressed.💙 shop pressedatl.com' Rasheeda captioned her post.

Someone said 'I love the colors and self made trend!!❤'

Another follower said 'The coldest in the game - I swear u killing em every rip wit this fashion shot 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿 @rasheeda.'

One commenter wrote 'I wish I had the style you have...you be slaying hard!!!'

Another follower wrote 'Trend setter!!! People have been wearing short shorts with pockets hanging out you let the top!'

Someone else also addressed the way Rasheeda wore the shorts and said 'I've been tucking my shirts from hanging out at the bottom. Then my girl Rasheed come out looking flawless with it hanging. YES ma'am 😍❤'

Someone else was looking at Rasheeda's eye and said 'Those eyes.. I would never, ever, ever ever want to see tears unless they are for Joy.'

Rasheeda seems to be living her best life, and things are also looking to be great between her and Kirk. Her diehard fans love that they're still together even after everything that happened.

They see the fact that Rasheeda was able to forgive the man as a sign of strength from her part.

Recently, Rasheeda celebrated her sister’s birthday while working at her Pressed boutique. But she did make sure to post a video with her sister just to mark the event.


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  • Me.
    Me. Mar 19, 2019 8:44 AM PDT

    She's a fashion icon if you ask me, everybody's personal stylist and don't even know it.

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