Rasheeda Frost Makes A Sexy Statement With Pink Dress Photos -- Kirk's Wife Has The Fashion Game On Lock

Rasheeda Frost Makes A Sexy Statement With Pink Dress Photos -- Kirk's Wife Has The Fashion Game On Lock
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Well, Rasheeda Frost has a lot of it, and she is flaunting it in a series of pictures featured in a magazine.

The Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star opted for a sexy pink dress with a deep plunging neckline.

Underneath, Kirk's wife kept it classy by wearing a nude-colored bra. The Boss Chic completed the look with a pair of floral heels. The gorgeous pictures are featured in B Collective.

One fan said: "U are my style inspo. You look very pretty in pink; i want those shoes."

Other supporters are still talking about the Jasmine Washington drama.

A second follower stated: "Why she mad at everyone but Kirk tho? He wasn’t thinking about his family when he was doing what he was doing either! Man, he had the whole relationship with Jasmine. You moved her into the same building you and your family was in and was paying her bills. Heck not to mention he was there when the baby was born and was a part of the boy life until everything hit the fan. Rasheeda is not a BOSS in every aspect of her life, and she could never be a role model to young women because she has no self-worth."

Another commenter wrote: "Some people may not agree, but I'mma say it anyway. Rasheeda is a boss wit her own money and needs to just dog Kirk butt out one good time on TV as you do her and that s*** would cease. Men can't put up with what we put up with. A woman can cry and be heartbroken by her man cheating, but you let that woman cheat. The damn Earth will move. I bet if she was to creep she be all kind of b****** and hoes and everything else even after he is done did everything he possibly could do. She might as well go ahead on and let Kirk cheat in the piece if she is going to put up with it. I don't give a damn how many years I've been with you. You are not going to humiliate me all them damn times."

Rasheeda appears comfortable with some of her recent life choices.

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  • sttina
    sttina Jul 30, 2018 1:44 AM PDT

    She looks pretty.

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