Rasheeda Frost Looks Glamorous And Happy In Picture With 'Miserable' Kirk

Rasheeda Frost Looks Glamorous And Happy In Picture With 'Miserable' Kirk
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Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Rasheeda Frost has nothing but love for her cheating husband, Kirk Frost, who is getting dragged on social media for meddling into other people's business.

The Boss Chick lady took to social media, and she shared a photo where she looked sexy in a black dress and is getting very cozy with Kirk at the Mayor's Ball.

The picture surfaced just hours after Kirk was obliterated for telling Cardi B to forgive Offset.

One fan had this to say about the photo: "Nice pic❤️❤️❤️ I luv Kirk too those looks were priceless when he use to get busted made some Good"ole tv for me????Don't stop keep stay together dam what people saying."

Another person claimed that Kirk looked miserable and added: "Dude always looking totally miserable in those pics..never looking happy and in love...what gives??"

The supporter posted a kind word for the power couple that read: "Two beautiful people love y’all. Yess My sis yes so happy u did this now ur loving being with your hubby. Feels amazing, doesn't it? I know it does. To God be the glory, I'm so happy y'all made it through the stormy seas, I love you guy's for each other."

A naysayer wrote: "Each to their own, but every time I look at Kirk next to Rasheeda, I can’t help but wonder what he’s hiding right now, today, at the very moment that photo was taken. I swear he looks so unattached, if u are not happy move around she is so sophisticated and classy and pray u not playing with her heart because we are tired of u mishandling that black Adonis. I love marriage and happiness so please love her and be FAITHFUL. I also would love to be in her mind to know how she manages to forgive him so many times over serious, really bad acts of betrayal. Always curious."

No matter what the critics say after Kirk cheated with Jasmine Washington, Rasheeda seems to be happy and back in love with her man.

So, she should probably be left alone.

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