Rasheeda Frost Lets People Know She's Working To Secure The Bag And Fans Call Her An Inspiration

Rasheeda Frost Lets People Know She's Working To Secure The Bag And Fans Call Her An Inspiration
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Rasheeda Frost announces her fans that she's working on some new money moves and they are here for it. A lot of people call her an inspiration and praise her on the huge success that she has with her business.

Some people are also happy that she managed to stay strong and keep her family together even after the darkest times.

'Morning! You workin on the bag or nah?? New week, new money let’s get it! #focused #workingmom #driven #motivated & #hydrated @essentiawater,' Rasheeda captioned her post.

Somoene said, 'Yes I love it💋. thanks for giving me that push to get up and get it,' and another follower posted, 'Girl...how do u do it..I'm starting my small business now... I don't know where half my receipts are at..😂.'

A fan told the Boss Lady, 'I'm trying my sister but it seems like as soon as I get pass one thing here's comes another. and it's not noting bad it just the decision I have to make but I'm going to keep that that in my bags if prayers.😊'

One person brought up the water that Rasheeda has all over the table: 'That water is the truth Glad to see I’m not the only person that drinks it.'

Speaking of securing the bag she probably does this by advertising that water as well.

Someone else praised Rasheeda and said, 'You are a strong black beautiful woman. You have classy. I would love to me. You are a role model to me I love your style. Keep up good work.

One commenter agreed and said, 'You are such an inspiration for working moms who want to be stronger and working hard as business owners!!! Thank you!'

Someone else also praised her and said, 'Your Strength is So Amazing🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 and to see you Be Strong, Work Hard and Be A Mom is Awesome!!!! #GoHeadRasheeda you doing the dam thing! And your this Women to Look up to On LHH @rasheeda.'

Recently, Rasheeda called herself a self-made savage .

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