Rasheeda Frost Lets Her Fans Know They Can Meet Her At Club Epic In St. Mauldin SC

Rasheeda Frost Lets Her Fans Know They Can Meet Her At Club Epic In St. Mauldin SC
Credit: Source: bet.com

Rasheeda Frost let her followers and fans know that today they can get to meet her if they want to. Take a look at her announcement below:

'Tomorrow night!!! Meet me at Club Epic in St.Mauldin SC!!??let’s turn up!!' Rasheeda captioned her post. So, tonight you can finally meet your idol! Make sure not to miss the occasion.

Someone wrote in the comments section that 'I remember meeting you when you came to Charlotte!!! We love you Boss Chic!!!'

More of her followers were more than excited about getting such an excellent opportunity to meet Rasheeda today.

These days, the Boss Chick got really emotional after her son, Karter Frost was faced with the very first day of kindergarten.

Every parent gets emotional when this day comes, and Rasheeda was no exception.

The boy had Rasheeda's fans melting as he was hugging his big brother, Ky, and faced the big world by himself.

Kirk Frost’s kid can be easily called a kind of mama's boy as he goes everywhere with Rasheeda.

The sweet pair goes to work together, they travel together, and he even helps his mother when she is working out.

Here's what Rasheeda explained to her fans about their separation: 'And just like that, it’s Karter’s first day of kindergarten I can’t believe it. I have separation anxiety!'

'He is so handsome I love how you have him in the cutest designer outfits and still let him be a kid with his character backpack and lunchbox. Kindergarten? You are lying you just had him in man time flew by. Boss Chic he will do well with a mother like you he has to no worries. Awe. Its probably harder on you than him. He will find a friend and be happy. Don’t worry mom,' one of Rasheeda's fans let her know in the comments section.


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