Rasheeda Frost Is Grateful To Pressed Supporters - Check Out Her Thank You Video

Rasheeda Frost Is Grateful To Pressed Supporters - Check Out Her Thank You Video
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Rasheeda Frost always shows her gratitude to the ones who are helping and supporting her. This time, she wanted to express her gratitude to all of her fans that have been supporting her Pressed Boutique, so she made a video that she shared with everyone on Instagram. Check it out below.

'Thank you to everyone who’s been supporting Pressed we love you! Come see us today here till 6 pm today!' Rasheeda captioned her video.

Fans and followers gushed over her dedication, and they called her a true inspiration in the comments section.

Someone wrote 'I’m glad we were able to stop in! Super cute setup, and lots of trendy items! ❤ @rasheeda.'

Another follower said 'Stay Rich.youre Awesome Believe it I just Do not Being that Honest With Someone else's Trophy it' Always a Solution not too Engage do not be Military Like Self Big issue.'

Someone else posted 'Rasheeda..you are a sweetheart..eventhough you were tired..you made sure our experience at your store was pleasant. You are beautiful inside and outside..and thanks for telling my daughter @__slimmgem happy birthday..I can't wait til she sees her birthday gift from pressed!'

Another commenter posted 'i love how passionate you are and that you are actually in your store. like always ❣️❣️'

A person gushed over her beauty and said: 'You tired??? Woman, you look fresher than an apple just picked off the Tree.'

In other news,  Rasheeda Frost was celebrating Kirk Frost’s birthday .

She made sure to mark this important occasion with a gorgeous photo of the couple and a romantic message to her man.

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