Rasheeda Frost Is Getting Ready For Her Upcoming Birthday - Check Out Her Video

Rasheeda Frost Is Getting Ready For Her Upcoming Birthday - Check Out Her Video
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Rasheeda Frost will be celebrating her birthday really soon, and she's working hard while getting ready. She wants to look flawless, but the perfect look can be achieved with hard work.

She's not the type of woman who runs into the plastic surgeon's office to look good, and fans adore the fact that Rasheeda is a natural beauty.

She's always been working hard and exercising to have that gorgeous figure.

Check out the latest video that she shared on her social media account, showing fans a bit of her work out routine.

'Up & at it.... waistband from @whatwaistofficial Birthday in 9 days gotta be ready!! 😩😩😂😂♊️' Rasheeda captioned her video.

Her fans were impressed by her workout, and they told her that she's already looking bomb.

Someone said, 'Yessssss! Early morning workouts are the best, especially with a #defineband helping you out.'

Another follower wrote 'You go girl them some real dam push up to 🤣🤣🤣🔥' while someone else posted 'You’re already ready Rasheed’s! You’re boss-built!'

One fan gushed over Rasheeda and said 'You are super fine on my MaMa if I ever meet you in life 😍😋 I have to marry you...he better not slip @rasheeda 😂😂😂'

A follower had a bit of advice regaring Rasheeda's birthday outfit: 'Girl you better show out on your birthday. Dress down like you getting ready for a music video 🤣😂🤣😂😂'

The Boss Lady has recently celebrated Mother’s Day , and she wanted to let her fans and followers that Kirk Frost and her two kids Ky Frost and Karter Frost have been making her happy.

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