Rasheeda Frost Is Criticized After She Posed In A Sizzling Photo In A Sheer Bodysuit; Kirk Frost's Wife Claps Back

Rasheeda Frost Is Criticized After She Posed In A Sizzling Photo In A Sheer Bodysuit; Kirk Frost's Wife Claps Back
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Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Rasheeda Frost recently took to social media where she posted a sizzling photo of herself in a sheer bodysuit and happily explained that it is now available in her store.

Kirk Frost's wife captioned the picture: "Restocked 🔥." Many complimented Rasheeda on her figure while one critic bashed her by saying: "Restocked? Whooooo is buying this hideous thing? 🤔"

Rasheeda hit back with: "A lot of people cause it’s restocked, boo!!" Many fans stepped in to defend Rasheeda.

One of them said: "Folks always have something negative to say. Say no more. It’s restocked!!! PERIODT!She did friend to put in her boutique that she has along with other SUCCESSFUL business. Blessed night stay healthy and in your business. 🙏🏽"

Another commenter shared: "That was so rude of her. Who gets on someone’s post and says that? Just keep scrolling 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ If you don't like it, keep scrolling sweety... Why are you posting a negative comment?. Stop being miserable for the world to see... Keep that negativity to yourself... Love and light to you ...."

This person wrote: "It's cute. It takes a certain woman to wear something like that. ❤️ I, for sure, could not wear it. It's nice to see another woman that can. she just wanted a reaction out of you that outfit is fire."

This follower stated: "Why are you on her page? Just to comment rudely on her merchandise? Who does that where are your manners? It’s weird women to women sis very weird. don't worry that bodysuit looks really good, especially on you keep doing you and stay focused. 🙌❤️"

The social media chimed in: "She mad cause she doesn’t get anything to restock lol she got 800 followers, and following 3500 people 😂😂😂it’s really cute, you could wear it with a blazer and some high destroyed jean shorts or like this, let me see how you dress 😂"

This person revealed: "OMG, how could she be so harsh??? I was just thinking I love this; it looks good on Rasheeda. I really like this; I just don’t have the body for it. You are wearing that sis!!😍💯
Sweetie acts like you understand the definition of "Restocked"...Once you do that, you'll have the answer to your failed attempt at a shady question. Just because it's something YOU wouldn't wear, doesn't make it "hideous" to the next...You clearly just wanted some attention.🙄"

Rasheeda is a real boss.

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