Rasheeda Frost Is Back In Atlanta - Check Out Her Funny Video With Ky Frost Who Missed Her

Rasheeda Frost Is Back In Atlanta - Check Out Her Funny Video With Ky Frost Who Missed Her
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Rasheeda Frost has a well-deserved vacay in Jamaica with Kirk Frost and their pals, Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker. Rasheeda posted various pics and videos from her vacation, just to keep her fans updated.

The couples had a great ATV fun during their last days in their vacay, and Rasheeda also said that this was the very first time they all went zip lining.

Now, Rasheeda is back in Atlanta, and she shared a video with her son, Ky Frost, telling her fans that he missed them. She's also inviting everyone to her Pressed boutique. Here's Rasheeda's latest video:

'??? @kyfrost_ is crazy he missed us we FaceTimed hella times day❤️❤️ he just mad he didn’t get a ?? tan!!! Well back to business heading to Pressed come holla!!!' Rasheeda captioned her post.

Someone told her that they 'Saw your mom at Pressed In Houston on last Thursday when I was visiting from Memphis. Purchased some nice outfits from that Clearance rack. Shout out to your employees; they were extremely helpful.?'

Another follower addressed the melanin subject: 'I think some parents and the school system should educate children and young adults on the Science of melanin magic I’m starting to believe no one what’s to talk about it because of the magic that comes alone with it and also because some of us are lacking in it and don’t wanna make anyone feel bad for not having melanin.'

Someone else said 'My kids' friends ask them how are they black and are white. I have to let them know am just a little lighter.'

We wish Rasheeda and her loved ones a Happy New Year!

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