Rasheeda Frost Has An Important Message About Displaying Your Happiness

Rasheeda Frost Has An Important Message About Displaying Your Happiness
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Rasheeda Frost recently offered a piece of advice regarding happiness to her fans. People really appreciated what she had to say, and they told her this in the comments.

Not everyone agreed with Rasheeda, and some fans said that she is not right with this post.

A commenter said: 'Absolutely not! Their unhappiness is their problem. You stay happy in front of them. Maybe it will run off 😊😂💕💯'

Another follower agreed with Rasheeda's message: 'Girl! This is 100% the truth. Unhappy people act like it’s their job to destroy your joy, your dreams, and your destiny.'

Someone else said: 'More like they better be careful being unhappy around me! Because they’re gonna see this happiness,' and one other follower wrote: 'Unfortunately that’s true, but you shouldn’t have to do that people need to control their jealousy.'

An Instagrammer said: 'Exactly why I keep my happiness and moves to myself people can't stand to see you blessed and working hard for your blessings.'

Someone else posted this: 'I can’t agree I use to think this way, but it’s unfair to me to pretend not to be happy just because someone else is not.'

Another fan wrote: 'Nah babe be happy no matter what !!! ❤️ That's their life and their business,' and a commenter posted: 'Man. I’m going to be even more annoyingly happy around unhappy individuals.. that’s their issue. Not mine.'

In other news, Rasheeda shocked a few fans the other day when she shared a recent photo on her social media account. She told fans that she’s celebrating her grandson, Kayden’s birthday.

‘Happy birthday to my handsome, intelligent, amazing grandson #Kayden I love you!!! 🎂🎉🎊💙 wish my baby a happy birthday guys!!’ Rasheeda captioned her post that she shared on IG.

Rasheeda was referring to Kirk Frost's grandson - the boy of Kirk's daughter.

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