Rasheeda Frost Goes Makeup-Free In New Photos -- Fans Praise Kirk's Wife For Not Jumping On The Plastic Surgery Bandwagon

Rasheeda Frost Goes Makeup-Free In New Photos -- Fans Praise Kirk's Wife For Not Jumping On The Plastic Surgery Bandwagon
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At the age of 35, Rasheeda Frost is turning heads and giving teenagers a run for their money whenever she unveils new makeup-free pictures.

This week, the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star, that fans call Boss Chick after one of her songs, shared a picture where she is wearing a hot pink wig, and she has no makeup.

Many find that Kirk's wife is "aging so gracefully" and she "looks amazing without makeup."

Others are happy that Rasheeda did not go crazy and jump on the excessive plastic surgery train like countless reality TV stars.

One fan said: "Love me some Rasheeda. She gangsta as hell @rasheedadabosschick Kim Kardashian or NONE OF those other housewives would ever go without makeup. They're too Vain. Love you Sheeda.I love who your and how you represent yourself, I admire you and look up to you, your a strong black, smart, and beautiful woman, I pray God to continue to bless your marriage and your family in Jesus name Amen!!! Love u all !!!"

Another commenter stated: "At least u look like yourself, and the makeup only enhances your features cuz I have seen some of my fav reality stars natural and OMG. Keep it up #BOSSLADY @rasheedadabosschick. You are a true natural beauty loving the hair. I agree with you, and I hope that they can be happy together no matter what others say or think. God bless you guys."

This third person claimed: "Rasheeda doesn’t put that make-up back on, you hear me?! It’s messing up your natural beauty! You don’t need it!FLAWLESS skin!!! You look so pretty without makeup. Sheeda so cute!!! You better appreciate what you got Mr. Frost sheeda the real deal!! She out here living here best LIFE!! Go, girl, a huge fan!"

In a recent interview, Rasheeda explained how she avoids being stressed out and keeps looking great.

She stated: "It is tough to protect anything in the world we live in today. Social media allows people to judge you and try to talk you out of your damn goals and dreams while they’re sitting at home pushing buttons and probably not doing anything for themselves. But I try to live my life for me and not take in all of the things that people say. I ignore the comments, most of the time. I continue to press forward knowing that I can’t please everyone. I focus on what I need to do to be happy and successful and not what everybody thinks I need to do. People aren’t always going to agree with me, but many of them haven’t been through what I have been through."

Rasheeda is a trailblazer in her own way.

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