Rasheeda Frost Gets Her Summer Body Ready - Check Out Her Latest Post

Rasheeda Frost Gets Her Summer Body Ready - Check Out Her Latest Post
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Rasheeda Frost presents a program for her fans and followers which she says that she's recently discovered. She also tells her fans that it's time to get that summer body ready and offers more details about this 'miraculous' program she found.

'Getting on this @boombod 7 day achiever program I’ve been hearing about 👌Always on the hunt for anything that’ll have me spending less time in the gym, and more time getting results - these shots use a natural fibre that’s clinically proven to aid in weight loss, so they sound pretty perfect. Summer bod HERE I COME 💪 If y’all want on this with me, they’ve got a massive BOGO free sale on right now!' Rasheeda captioned her post.

Her fans are not really here for this product and they are accusing Rasheeda of only promoting it for the money since she obviously doesn't need to lose weight at all.

Everyone who knows Rasheeda also knows that she's working out a lot like crazy.

Somoene said, 'You work out hella hard...do these things really work? Asking for the thicker than a snicker girls like me.'

Another commenter posted: 'Rasheeda you know u don't need the money to promote that. Because u don't drink nor need that stuff😉 already prefect👍'

One other fan said: 'Girrrrllllllll u don't need to lose any weight send it to me.'

A follower posted: 'I love you Rasheed’s. And you look great. Tryna figure out why you’re wanting to lose weight.'

A person wrote: 'Okay truth, It's clear that the celebrities that l follow are benefiting financially from promoting boom bod, but before we(y'all fans) take you at your word and purchase this. We need to know is it worthy or save our money. #somedonthaveittowaste👏'

Speaking of working out and hot bodies, Rasheeda has already become an inspiration to fans due to the fact that she keeps it real at all times.

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