Rasheeda Frost Gets Bashed For A Before And After Photo

Rasheeda Frost Gets Bashed For A Before And After Photo
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Rasheeda Frost is promoting a product, and she shared a before and after photo that has fans bashing her. The photo was showing a beautiful curvy woman and next to the before pic, there was a badly photoshopped one featuring the same lady.

'Ladies @KO__ELIXIR Can Get You Those Results You Been Wanting Forever!! 😍 @KO__Elixir Creams Are For Every Part Of Your Body Will give you Results That Will Have You Coming Back !! 👣 @ko__elixir,' Rasheeda captioned her post.

'This probably does not work on arms' a follower said and another person posted this: 'said the same thing her arms dont look right at all.'

Another follower said this: 'that’s a separate procedure can’t have too many procedures at once 😂'

Someone else said: 'Looks like she had a BBL and tummy tuck done,' and another follower posted this: 'Sis when you post this just go ahead and turn the comments off....😒'

One commenter wrote: 'Come on 🙄 y’all just sharing anything for that check hun?' and another person said: 'She clearly got surgery they should’ve got her arms too tho.'

Someone else wrote: 'Bad photoshopping. Why her arms still big why one side of her waist is straight,' and another follower said: 'If you are going to False Advertise, at least have different pictures.'

Someone else also told the Boss Lady: 'Now Rasheeda...I hope that 💰 they paying you to post this is worth it, cause you know damn well.'

Anyway, after receiving too many critics for the funny photos, Rasheeda deleted the post.

Rasheeda Frost shared a short clip in which she was showing her fans and followers on IG some Sunday vibes. You should check out the video that she shared on her IG account.

Also, Rasheeda  is telling fans that there’s  a way to change their hair color without damaging their hair.


Lots of fans were familiar with the product that Rasheeda shared, and they made sure to review it in the comments.

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