Rasheeda Frost Does A Tik Tok Together With Her Son, Karter And Fans Cannot Have Enough Of Him

Rasheeda Frost Does A Tik Tok Together With Her Son, Karter And Fans Cannot Have Enough Of Him
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Rasheeda Frost posted a sweet video on her social media account in which she's doing a Tik Tok with her and Kirk's son Karter Frost. Fans cannot have enough of this kid!

Check out how quickly he's growing up.

'So Karter was like come on Mom let’s do a TikTok with your song 🤣🤣🤣 #putitonhimmakehimwannamarryme #marryme,' Rasheeda captioned the funny video.

Someone said: 'He has gotten so big. And the twerk at the end lol 🤣. Love the outfit,' and another follower posted this message: 'Ayeeee 🔥😂😂 I never truly appreciated this song until NOW! I got engaged 5/30.'

One follower told the Boss Lady: 'This is the first rap song I have heard in a beginning when I first heard you Rashida you can wrap I don't know why you stop rapping you are so awesome I love you and Love & Hip Hop you're so natural you're so beautiful and you're a classy woman.'

She also shared another photo in which she's with Karter and she is gushing over him.

'Look how big Karter is getting he swears he will be talker then me next month if he keeps drinking milk & @essentiawater everyday 🤣🤣🤣 I told him he won’t stay small forever but he will always be my little baby❤️ 😂😂 #mybaby #essentianation' she captioned the photo.

A follower said: 'Hi Rasheeda could you drop me the site where you where I can shop for your close-up I would love to get those I keep seeing your pictures over and over again and I want everything you show me please I want every single picture every outfit in every picture can you please just send me the link that appreciates it.' Rasheeda sent the fan to the Pressed website.

A fan said: 'My girl Rasheeda still looking cute in Quarantine A.K.A (Corona Vacation).'

A commenter also wrote: 'Yea I don’t shop much but when I do I’m only shopping with my black-owned business, and I love you, and your store has boom clothing you always look so cute you getting a new customer when I get my first paycheck back at work.'

Other than this, Rasheeda is another celebrity that’s been working out like crazy these days, and she just shared a video on her social media account.

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