Rasheeda Frost Debuts Slime Hair In New Photo -- Kirk And 'Love And Hip Hop Atlanta' Fans Are Not Ready For This

Rasheeda Frost Debuts Slime Hair In New Photo -- Kirk And 'Love And Hip Hop Atlanta' Fans Are Not Ready For This
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Boss Chick Rasheeda Frost seems to be eager to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, (which is on March 17 by the way), because she has debuted her slime green hair and she managed to pull it off like a true fashionista.

Kirk Frost's wife is a business mogul in the making. She runs several stores and beauty companies, yet she finds time to kill the fashion game.

The Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star, who owns a hair company, is often promoting her products and this week; she proved that she is indeed the best spokesperson for her brands.

Rasheeda showed off a sleek slime green bob that made her fans wonder, how does she pull off those strange and surprising looks?

Fans are applauding Rasheeda for taking fashion risks and looking amazing while at it.

One supporter replied: "Beautiful as always❣️ keep on giving it to them Rasheeda, they’re not ready for you!!!but take that Gucci shirt off and put it in the garbage."

Another kind note from a fan said: "You are every bit of what I’m trying to accomplish without being too girly I love it 🔥🔥🔥💚Slime enough, Fly enough💚You be slaying... I love the jeans in heels look with a t-shirt and a leather jacket... rockin. She look good in anything."

This person, who loved the slim hair, explained: "Definitely slime enough 🐍This lady couldn’t look bad if she wanted to! Gorgeous inside and out!"

As stated above, Rasheeda is all about achieving success with her businesses and in a past interview, she shared the secrets on how she is climbing to the top.

She stated: "I think it’s important. What people have to understand is that a lot of things that you do have expiration dates and/or, things change. I started in the music industry very, very young and it was actually really beneficial to be an independent artist, own my own music, and allow music to use that platform for me that allowed me to spread my wings to television and to help me become an entrepreneur."

She added: "At the same time, I think it’s important for people to understand and set goals and say, ‘Don’t be afraid to step out there onstage and step out there and start a business.’ But you’ve got to be committed to it, and you’ve got to execute it fully, and I think that’s where a lot of people might slack off at. It’s important if you’re doing music. You can’t just do music, and that be your only stream of income. Over time, that’s going to dwindle. Set yourself up for something else."

Rasheeda is one busy woman.

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