Rasheeda Frost Debuts New Long Red Hair And Fans Are Here For It

Rasheeda Frost Debuts New Long Red Hair And Fans Are Here For It
Credit: Source: bet.com

Rasheeda Forst has been recently criticized for a blonde wig with bangs that she recently sported. It seems that she listened to her fans because now she's flaunting a completely different look on social media.

The Boss Lady had recently posted a photo of her and Kirk Frost the other day, and Kirk found himself in hot water after more people slammed his look, telling the man that he has not dressed accordingly to his age.

After that, fans started slamming Rasheeda as well for her hair.

But, she changed her look, so make sure to check out the new hair below:

Someone told her 'Rasheeda you are so beautiful it doesn’t make any sense 😍😘‼️'

Another follower said 'Sis your beautiful that hair looks beautiful on you but the didn’t do the bang right unevenly cut, but you are so beautiful.'

Someone else posted 'Love this color. Happy to see the yellow go bye-bye.'

One supporter went to Rasheeda's store and met her: 'Was a pleasure meeting you today, and you looked stunning as always. 😍'

Someone else wrote 'U just look good anyway when u get up in the morning u look tight, but that hair is on point killing it with your skin tone.'

What about you? Do you like Rasheeda's new look that she's been flaunting these days?

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