Rasheeda Frost Debuts New Hairdo - Check Out How Gorgeous She Looks With Bangs!

Rasheeda Frost Debuts New Hairdo - Check Out How Gorgeous She Looks With Bangs!
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Rasheeda Frost's latest pic has fans really excited because she debuted a new look. She rocks long red hair and bangs, and we have to agree that this suits her perfectly.

Someone told Rasheeda 'You look Good in ANY and EVERYTHING.........And your Spirit, Heart, and Class, make yo Outer Beauty Glow Even Harder......????'

Another follower said '@rasheedadabosschick Girl stop it.lol! You slay every damn look you try. I love it! A pretty girl that is always Rocking????'

One of The Boss Chik's fans praised her looks as well and wrote: 'I love how happy u look. May God continue to bless u. U been thru sum trying years but look at u now stronger and better.'

She's been wearing wigs for a really long time, and some fans could not understand this, considering the gorgeous natural hair that she has.

Everyone knows that Rasheeda loves to switch it up with beautiful and colorful wigs, but underneath she is sporting waist-length natural hair.

She recently posted a video where she is flaunting her natural long hair and fans are in shock over the length.

'So right now my hair is below my bra strap my goal is waist length give me about 12 months I’ll be there! Till then bout to braid it up back to my wigs!' she captioned the clip.

So, we'll just have to wait some more until we see her rocking natural hair more often.

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