Rasheeda Frost Cuts The Blue Tape And Cuddles In Bed With Kirk -- Viral Video Has Couple Sweating During 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' Reunion Show

Rasheeda Frost Cuts The Blue Tape And Cuddles In Bed With Kirk -- Viral Video Has Couple Sweating During 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta' Reunion Show
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During the reunion show of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta , Rasheeda Frost had a lot to say about the unique situation with Jasmine Washington and her son, Kannon.

However, that is not all the businesswoman was forced to speak about. At some point during the show, the host told Kirk and Rasheeda they had some explaining to do.

She decided to ask what is on everybody's mind -- is she officially back and booed up with Kirk again after the humiliating affair?

But before Rasheeda had the chance to give a reasonable answer, she was faced with the naked truth which consisted of a video where she was in bed with Kirk.

The mother of two cooked up this silly story as to why she was cuddling Kirk between the sheets.

She said that at the beginning of the season they were merely sharing a house, but for one night they ended up on the same bed because they were watching something on social media.

Rasheeda seemed embarrassed as she spoke about the tender moment which led to Kirk sleeping in her bed.

Kirk tried to defend his wife by saying at the moment they are very close like "two friends" and he hopes to build on that.

The confession had the audience and her cast members laughing. However many fans on social media are angry because they say that they have given up on Rasheeda. They are fed up that she keeps taking Kirk who cheats on her again and again.

Those supporters believe he will humiliate her again and when he does, she should not cry and complain because she should have known better.

A supporter told Rasheeda: "I love u as a person, and I'm a huge fan, but some things you say in national TV is making me sick to the stomach. You are giving us married woman the wrong I mean the wrong point of view on how we should let these nigggas do us."

Another commenter wrote: "Nobody is perfect in this life, let her live her life, she knows what she loves and does not like simple. People who are so critical and concerned about people's relationships are the same people who do the same things in their life. Stop blaming her; this can happen to anybody. Love is blind."

Is anyone surprised that the nonsensical blue tape failed and the couple is back in the same bed?

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  • Tawana
    Tawana Jul 13, 2018 8:24 PM PDT

    Just foolish unexplainable on how she puts up with this. Hell if she likes it I love it for her.

  • Sue
    Sue Jul 13, 2018 3:25 PM PDT

    Stop competing stop sleeping with these nasty boys that don't have no Respect 4 their wifes over & over again and Please get an Aids test because love don't love don't love nobody before U women have green stuff coming out of your bodies. U women are a mother figure 4 these boys. Grow up this is not Love live on U.

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