Rasheeda Frost Calls Herself A 'Self Made Savage'

Rasheeda Frost Calls Herself A 'Self Made Savage'
Credit: Complex

Among all kinds of self-made millionaires and billionaires, Rasheeda Frost calls herself a self-made savage. She keeps advertising the clothing line from her Pressed Boutique, and this latest piece has fans in awe.

It's a shirt which says, 'Self made Savage' and followers want to have it.

Someone said, 'I love you and Kurt I watch all the time on Love & Hip Hop love you love you love you love you girl love you use a strong woman you better never divorce Kirk yeah make a lovely couple love you girl.'

A fan told Rasheeda this: 'Sheeda, you looking good over there***Smh...looking like 👍 a Steak with A.1 Sauce😋'

Someone attended the event where Rasheeda was a speaker recently and said, 'Enjoy listening to your at the women in empowerment conference Expo in Atlanta about a week ago.'

Another follower said, 'You are a boss for real. I admire your growth and your commitment to your family. Much love.'

Someone else posted, 'Rasheeda u need to bring Pressed to Los Angeles sweety. It would go over Successfully!'

The Boss Lady marked another great achievement lately when she and Kirk opened their bistro.

This was a dream of theirs come true. Lots of friends supported them and attended the opening event, and then Rasheeda made sure to offer her gratitude to everyone .

Fans have been praising Rasheeda and calling her an inspiration for being so successful and also having the strength to keep her family together no matter what.

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