Rasheeda Frost Blows Fans Away With A No-Makeup Video - See Her Completely Natural Look

Rasheeda Frost Blows Fans Away With A No-Makeup Video - See Her Completely Natural Look
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Rasheeda Frost impressed her fans with a video in which she's showing off her completely natural look. She is not wearing any makeup, and she's also flaunting her gorgeous natural hair.

See the video below, and you'll understand one of the reasons for which she managed to become an inspiration to her fans.

'Mama Sheeda!! No wig no makeup, 😜' Rasheeda captioned her video.

An excited fan said: 'You have gorgeous hair, why the wig? I love those curls mama😍' while a follower wrote: 'Why do you bother with wigs and make-up, when you wake up looking like this???❤️'

Someone else said: 'And her edges still intact ❗️ Beauty and Fly at the same damn time❗️' and one of her fans confused Rasheeda with Ciara: 'Rasheeda I thought you were Ciara, Natural Beauty !!! ChicaBoo.'

A commenter said: 'Never saw u in your natural form. Wow! Even without the wig & makeup, you're still hot🔥! Kirk, U SHOULD BE VERY PROUD...'

Someone else said: 'Wait a darn minute you have all this hair not a wig on women you crazy if you wear wave with all that natural hair 💁cut it off go bald and buy some hair,' and a fan exclaimed: 'Sis you don’t need to wear another wig ever!!!'

One other follower posted this: 'Natural beauty. Get your foot of their neck already sis,' and someone else also praised her: 'Your absolutely Gorgeous with or without it.'

Other than this, recently the Boss Lady shared a video on her social media account in which her hubby, Kirk Frost reveals some delicious food that he brought for her from their Frost Bistro.

Speaking of Kirk, he's been recently involved in some fake news involving police, weapons, and drugs, that was revealed earlier, but his fans can relax because everything’s fine and he's home.

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