Rasheeda Frost Baffles Fans With Surprising Fashion Fail In Photo With Toya Wright And Tiny Harris

Rasheeda Frost Baffles Fans With Surprising Fashion Fail In Photo With Toya Wright And Tiny Harris
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Both Tiny Harris and her BFF, Toya Wright, had a very successful pop-up store with the help of Rasheeda Frost, but fans have a lot of questions about Kirk's wife.

Tiny showed up at Rasheeda's Pressed store looking like a real fashionista dressed in pink and rocking a coral wig.

Toya has fans going crazy over her shoes, but a few are baffled by what Rasheeda is wearing. Many supporters say she is pregnant and is hiding her belly bump.

Toya had this to say about the event: "Thank you to my beautiful friend @rasheeda for letting us host our pop up shop at her store @pressedatl.... thank u @jp_agency and your team for helping me pull everything together and @Moskatolife & @Eg_jack for that good ole wine that everyone enjoyed.💕"

Tiny wrote: "Sisterly love thx @rasheeda for letting @toyawright & I do our pop up shop at @pressedatl s/o @missyhairboutique install @ifitaintreggieitaintright @bkluvsme styling & @latashawright on the beat & of course @therealnoigjeremy 👑🏦🏦🏦"

One fan replied: "Friend goals! Toya where can I get those shoes. What's wrong with Rasheeda. Rasheeda look crazy. Rasheeda looks like she was in the middle of cleaning when she got the call to come. she’s definitely pregnant."

Another commenter claimed: "Toya I want your shoes 👍❤️❤️❤️
Ya all babies are so gorgeous stunning sexy beautiful and amazing angels 😇. 3 pure breed buisness. Ladies, no disrespect to the pew nor the audience, these got their ish together.....much respect to all of you my hat goes off to the Men’s in ya’ll life and the strength that the three of you stand for. Rasheeda looks like she about to take off on the magic rug okay Aladan."

A confused person asked: "What in the entire “grandmaw Essie” is going on with Rasheeda!? Preggars maybe!? 🤷‍♀️Rasheeda wrong for them socks and shoes...just messed up the pic lol. Tiny and Toya are... Doing Boss Tings👍🏾👍🏾❤️❤️💰💰Blessing to have good friends.😍😍😍"

This supporter told the haters to back off: "Tiny ’s hair color is popping🔥🗣️Damn can they be great🤔 I love your positive spirit continue to pour into our young women and encourage them to Keep it Classy and become entrepreneurs. Thank you, Rashida for empowering other black women using Pressed. Why the broke girls are hating on people, post🤦🏽 STFU & get a check thots."

Toya and Rasheeda have plans to launch a big business that will begin this year.

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