Rasheeda Frost Angers Fans For Video Of 'Witchcraft' With Kirk

Rasheeda Frost Angers Fans For Video Of 'Witchcraft' With Kirk
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Poor Rasheeda Frost, she just cannot catch a break -- this time around, she has angered many of her religious fans because they believe that she is into sorcery and witchcraft.

This week, the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star took to social media where she posted a clip that features Hollywood Medium 's Tyler Henry.

The Boss Chick is joined by her husband, Kirk, and they appear to be talking about her late mother-in-law, Gloria.

The reality TV star cried upon learning that Kirk's mom is happy that they saved their marriage and have welcomed baby Kannon, into their lives.

Kirk shares Kannon with his mistress, Jasmine Washington. Christian supporters are upset with Rasheeda.

One fan said: "The enemy knows your past. But we can't speak to the Dead when we die its either we can go to Heaven or Hell. The enemy does not know your future but only your life, in other words, the enemy will try to mess with your future without knowing your outcome but destroy just what he sees n what we let known...God is against all new age and sorcery Revelations."

Another commenter claimed: "This is witchcraft by the way. It may be accurate, but that information isn’t from God. God almighty all knowing has the only access to life after life. He is not a genie who will agree to give you access to death but like were of the world he will allow the enemy to mess with us. Lie to us. God is against all sorcery. Lord Jesus Come!❤"

This critic stated: "I love Rasheeda, but God isn't part of this. He uses prophets and prophetess, but NOT mediums. 😐😐😑Please be careful with this type. type of stuff."

This follower decided to defend the mother of two: "LOL, you do know he has access to google right? You don't see him doing this to strangers 🤣🤣🤣To all the people claiming this witchcraft or what have you are soooo far removed from their roots 🤦🏾‍♀️ there is nothing demonic about spirituality. Those little religions got all of you messed up."

Is a medium the same as witchcraft?

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  • Virtuous
    Virtuous Mar 30, 2019 11:10 PM PDT

    Medium's are not the same as prophets and prophetess. It's a big difference when you are making money by telling someone their future and calling up the dead going on national television with it. Sorry but you judgers need to first study the word of God before you comment on something that you really know nothing about or understand. And you will be accountable for your words of accusations and idolatry. Study the word of God to show thyself approved into God. A workman needeth not to be ashamed, RIGHTLY DIVIDING THE WORD OF TRUTH. 2 TIMOTHY 2 CHAPTER 15TH VERSE. Prophets and Prophetess are messengers of God who genuinely love and serve his ppl. And all messengers of the Lord are not Pastors with a congregation, most are Evangelists, so you can't say they get paid through tithes and offering or donations. Touch not my anointed and do my Prophets no harm. That means with your mouth especially. Look it up in Psalms.

  • Lyric
    Lyric Mar 30, 2019 8:56 PM PDT

    If medium is the same as witchcraft, then prophets and prohoetesses are too... Religious folk kill me🙄

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