Rasheeda Frost And Kirk Frost Address The George Floyd Case On Social Media

Rasheeda Frost And Kirk Frost Address The George Floyd Case On Social Media
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Rasheeda Frost shared a message on social media in which she was telling people that there's a small victory as all the officers involved in the murder of George Floyd are charged. Check out her post below.

'Steps are being made! But we need convictions! #justice #georgefloyd we shall continue as a unit to demand justice!' Rasheeda said.

A follower wrote: 'We asked for a 1st-degree charge. He's dangerous to the community,' and someone else said: 'Now time for justice for Breonna Taylor‼️ don’t give up just yet!!!! Her black life matters also.'

One commenter posted: 'let's see if they get convicted I just know I dont want no probation for them they need real-time like they give the rest,' and a follower said: 'The death penalty looks way better for them to send a message that our lives matter.'

Someone else said: '@rasheeda The protests are amazing and Inspiring. But please in 2 or 3 weeks when the protests are no longer happening. We still need change, we need to come together as a community and we need action! Racism and injustice can not exist!'

Rasheeda's hubby, Kirk also shared a related post featuring Barack Obama and the people. Check it out below.

'United we stand‼️divided we fall as a country #georgefloyd #justice #freedom #obama #love,' Kirk posted.

'Is it too late for miss Obama to throw her hat in for president cause that’s what we really need,' a follower asked.

Someone said: 'Come back to us Obeezy! @barackobama We need you! Let’s spread love and compassion to one another... this is the message you send with actions like this! THIS IS PRESIDENTIAL!!!!'

Rasheeda also praised the former President of the US, Barack Obama after he decided to speak about what has been happening lately across the country following the killing of George Floyd.

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