Rasheeda Frost And Kandi Burruss Are Living It Up In Jamaica - See The Latest Video

Rasheeda Frost And Kandi Burruss Are Living It Up In Jamaica - See The Latest Video
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Rasheeda Frost and Kandi Burruss are living their best lives in Jamaica these days. They took their families, and they're now enjoying a fun vacay after a year of hard work.

Both RHOA ladies have been sharing photos and videos to document their activities from Jamaica for their fans, and the latest posts shared by Rasheeda have everyone excited.

The couples had a great ATV fun, and Rasheeda also said that this was the very first time they all went zip lining. Take a look at her Instagram posts below.

'When I tell you we had a ball today!!! ATV fun in Jamaica ?? #vacay #welit #itshotAF' Rasheeda captioned her video.

Someone told her ion the comments section 'Rasheeda your Jamaican accent is making me laugh!!!!??????? Big yourself BossLady.❤️❤️'

Another follower said 'We know that she is having a great time. All we are saying is that she doesn’t need to speak patios. Calm down it ain't that serious. People will always judge. Such is how the world is.'

Rasheeda posted a photo with Kirk Frost and their boy and here's how she captioned it: 'Ok sooooooooo it went down zip lining for the first time!! #thefrostfamily I think @frost117 & @karter_frost scared....????????'

Someone gushed pover her and said 'Nice to see you beautiful queen and king god bless you,' while another commenter posted 'Yesss they got like 5 zip lines you gotta go thru til you reach the end! I was scared every time.'

Another supporter is happy that the family is on vacay away from all the drama: 'Great time ?I know y'all having a beautiful time together as less to get a break from the drama.'

Rasheeda recently told her fans that she loves the vacation in Jamaica and she could definitely get used to such a life . Tell us about it...


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