Rasheeda Frost And Husband Kirk Frost Get Very Playful In New Video Proving The Romance Is Strong

Rasheeda Frost And Husband Kirk Frost Get Very Playful In New Video Proving The Romance Is Strong
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Despite the drama, Kirk and wife Rasheeda Frost are together, and they get very playful in videos to prove to the world that all is well after 20 years.

Recently, the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta stars took to social media where they made fans happy with a saucy yet silly video.

The femcee was attempting to promote her businesses when Kirk started chasing her around the pool. Supporters loved the interaction and left many sweet comments for the couple.

One person said: "Girl, you looking 21yrs 😱 gorgeous! Share that skin routine sis ❤️❤️❤️❤️."

Another commenter stated: "I love the energy you guys have definitely a whole vibe 🖤 and that color is🔥 sis🤤."

This follower wrote: "So Beautiful & Kirk know every color you rock you look gorgeous....you can hear it in his voice....💝🙏🏾"

In a recent interview, Rasheeda was happy to talk about how she keeps the romance alive and strong.

She said: "The road can get really, really rough. You have to communicate and figure out a way to make sure you're taking care of each other. Kirk and I have been friends, and we've been through our ups and our downs. The good times are really good and the bad times are bad — but they're experiences. We understand each other a lot more, and we're just making sure we make time for each other when it seems like things are getting kind of crazy."

She added: "I think not only has it made me stronger, but it's also made our foundation stronger. Being on reality television, sometimes you don't want to share because you're embarrassed. But on some real sh-t, everybody's life isn't what they [pretend] it is on social media. I've met so many people who have been through the same thing and then it turns into a testimony. People say, 'oh my God, you helped me make it through my situation.' It was hurtful, painful, and it was devastating. But at the end of the day, I feel like that's what I was supposed to do. We were supposed to live our life transparently. That's what we signed up for, and that's what we did."

The mother of two on to say: "One reason our marriage has been able to continue is because he's made a 360. I went through a real deep, dark period with it, and it wasn't an easy thing for me. I haven't always been perfect, and neither has he. We've been through our share of a lot of different things, but you're either going to fight, or you're going to let it go. That's just the end of it. We fought for ours."

Rasheeda and Kirk might have a magic sauce to make things work.

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