Rasheeda Frost And Husband Kirk Frost Are Bashed By Jasmine Washington For Lying And Failing To Care For Kannon -- Video Causes Heated Exchange, 'They Only Pretend To Love Him'

Rasheeda Frost And Husband Kirk Frost Are Bashed By Jasmine Washington For Lying And Failing To Care For Kannon -- Video Causes Heated Exchange, 'They Only Pretend To Love Him'
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Baby mama Jasmine Washington has decided to blast both Rasheeda Frost and her husband, Kirk Frost, for being liars and great pretenders.

The dancer and Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star took to social media where she shared a clip where Rasheeda is bashing her for wanting Kirk to spend time with their son, Kannon.

Note that while Kirk was married to Rasheeda, he had an affair with Jasmine which led to the birth of Kannon.

Rasheeda is always defending Kirk and decided to reconcile with him after filing for divorce over the cheating and love child drama.

According to Jasmine, Kirk and Rasheeda do not spend time with Kannon, they do not call him for his birthday, and they only pretend to care when the cameras are rolling.

Jasmine had this to say: “I was told I was uninvited to do the reunion bc I no longer allowed these 2 to film with my son & act as if they really be spending time with him in real life. So why am I even being discussed when I’m not there to defend myself or tell my side? Fake af. They are tv parents. I dnt ask for anything! But surely you can take out an hour of your “busy schedule” to see him for his bday or pick him up for example. Damn, maybe even a 30sec phone call from your daughter’s phone to wish him a happy bday? Is that me wanting y’ all to change your “structure”?? Is that me expecting you to be there like we’re in a relationship?? Not 1 of you all wished him a happy bday but acted so concerned about everything else when the cameras are rolling. I don’t even gaf that sis wants to hold me more accountable than her husband, but KANNON ain’t do shit to none of y’ all.”

Jasmine revealed: “I’ve BEEEEEEN open to whatever needs to be done to get in a better space for KANNON. Not anymore. I’ve even been quiet as I watched fake scenes about me calling/texting Kirk’s phone. For what?? I, to this day, don’t have that nigga’s number! Y’all so focused on “reality tv” and having a storyline, and you got me fucked up in real life! Don’t know what fairytale world you live in but better believe having a child does change everything. Or should if you’re an active parent! Now you may continue with your fake ass reality show that no longer cares about reality. Clip courtesy of @kingofreads #killthefakesh*t.”

One backer said: "You are your child’s biggest advocate. Protector. And nurturer. It’s your job to call things how you see them. You do have a right, and you seemed to have been apologetic and open to making the relationship being Kannon and his dad possible. Not too many people can hold their tongue the way you do. We all make mistakes. It’s how we grow and from what I can see you have grown. The best is yet to come for you and Kannon. Many blessings.🙏❤️💯"

This supporter of Rasheeda destroyed Jasmine for sleeping with a married man: "That's what happens when u f*ck a married man. Don't act like the victim you chose qhat you did. And Yessss he also did what he did, but His WIFE chose to forgive him not you sweety. You seem to be confusing your position. You want respect when you clearly expected none from yourself when you chose to spread your legs for someone else's man. Her accepting your son is just that she doesn't have to accept you. She can choose to bring your son into HER ALREADY EXISTING family, one they had before you went lurking, but there's no room for you in that family. U acting like you were in a relationship with a single man who moved onto the next. You are confused. Learn what position you chose; you chose no one forced you to sleep with a Mary man. Don't be mad that the part of accepting your son doesn't include u."

Rasheeda is always there for her man.


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