Rasheeda Frost Addresses The Benefits Of Her Latest Partnership

Rasheeda Frost Addresses The Benefits Of Her Latest Partnership
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Rasheeda Frost shared some interesting details with her fan about her most recent partnership. People kept asking her about it, so she decided to post more details. Check out her Instagram post below.

'Since becoming a #teamipartner over the last couple of months, I’ve been learning about taking care of my gut and how it affects weight loss. Ya’ll after all those unhealthy snacks, you would not believe what that does to your body!! The @teamiblends detox has been a huge help in realizing how great I could feel once I got rid of those toxins!' Rasheeda began the caption of her post.

She continued and wrote that 'I used to feel so sluggish and bloated, and sort of plateaued in my weight and this has changed the game for me. No, it’s not a meal replacement, you still gotta eat clean but ladies, I no longer have trouble losing weight and I feel amazing! This is such an amazing product you have got to try! Use my code BOSS25 to save some coin! #thankyouteami.'

Someone posted 'I so Love this amazing, beautiful woman she's real an all that she does and most of all she Loves her family. #shesaboss ❤️'

Another follower praises Rasheeda, telling her that she has always looked flawless: 'Okay now girl. You always look so cute Rasheeda you rock. God bless ❤️'

Rasheeda recently  debuted a new color for her hair. It’s kind of green-neon which fans loved a lot.

She was together with her and Kirk Frost’s son, Karter and both of them tell people to visit Pressed Boutique.

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