Rasheeda Frost Addresses Marriage With Kirk Amid Jasmine Washington Detente

Rasheeda Frost Addresses Marriage With Kirk Amid Jasmine Washington Detente
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Diva Rasheeda Frost is finally answering some of the questions that fans of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta have been asking themselves for the past two years.

Of course, all those questions involved the leading players in her life such as her cheating husband, Kirk Frost, and her worst nightmare, Jasmine Washington.

In case you have not been following, Miss Jasmine had a lengthy affair with Kirk which resulted in the birth of a baby boy named Kannon.

It took Kirk an eternity to finally reveal the results of a paternity test confirming that he is the father of baby Kannon.

In between, Rasheeda has filed for divorce but when asked about the rumors she might be reconciling with Kirk, she gave the following answer: "We are [on a good page right now]. We have a lot of things that we have to deal with regardless of our relationship status.I definitely would say that him losing his mom brought us [closer]. We put a lot of things to the side and put our kids and this situation to the forefront. So, I feel like you know it is important for me to be there for him."

Asked to share her thoughts on Kirk's side chick, Jasmine, she said she hoped it never happened and added: "I [sometimes] feel like, ‘y’all going to drain the sh*t out of me.’ Somethings you wish never manifested. I’m like, ‘let me live.’ But you have to be realistic because this is a television show based on things people want to know and what’s going on and that’s what [my] life is [right now]."

Fans are not sure how to react to this reconciliation hint.

One of them said: "One of the things I admire about u as Woman mother first.God Bless You And Your Family Keep Your Husband I no it take to she Set him up for Pay Check it’s Sad Kid got Suffer from just a Pay Check. Keep doing what u doing keep your head high and stay strong family over everything."

Another commenter claimed: "Why should she keep a man that has disrespected not only her, his family and himself? What would she be teaching her kids? If she does, that’s her opinion, but she doesn’t need a push into a direction when she has been so great to him."

A neutral voice explained: "How do any woman feel comfortable in telling another woman how she should handle her marriage. Social media is a joke. No one knows what she should and what is best for her but her."

Rasheeda keeps fans guessing.

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  • Chermel
    Chermel Apr 16, 2018 6:10 AM PDT

    I can not believe that one comment was about that girl needing a paycheck. Kirk knew what his was doing from the beginning this is not his first rodeo. Radheeda can do better I am sorry. He is a loser and is riding her coattail. He was messing around with that girl for a year and who k ow who else. If you are a Boss lady like you said you are boss up and get rid of him. He is collateral damage.

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