Rasheeda Frost Addresses Kirk Frost's Tragedy - See How She Wants To Help Him After The Passing Of His Brother

Rasheeda Frost Addresses Kirk Frost's Tragedy - See How She Wants To Help Him After The Passing Of His Brother
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You probably know by now that Kirk Frost had a tragic event in his family and he entered in 2019 with pain in his soul. He lost his oldest brother just one year after his mother died.

Here's what poor Kirk posted on his social media account: 'January 2018 I lost my mother & now today January 1st, 2019 I lost my oldest brother, Keith Frost, my heart hasn’t had a chance to heal from my mom & now this. I don’t even know what to say, man, I love you & thank you for being that big brother who looked out for all your brothers me, Kevin & Poncho you took on that roll & made sure you did all you could for us growing up.'

Now, Rasheeda is trying to do everything to support her man during such a hard time. Here's her latest post:

'This year has started off tough for @frost117 losing his big brother on 1/1/19 within a year of losing his mother. I wanted to cheer him up & get him out of the house today I know his big brother wouldn’t want him to be down! #igotyou #ripkeith' Rasheeda captioned her photo with Kirk.

Some of her fans appreciated that she supports the man like this, but others kept hating him and telling Rasheeda that they cannot understand how she could forgive him for what he did to her.

Someone said 'Y'all are amazing together, I'm happy for you both.'

Another follower posted 'I love Rasheeda I just love her I understand stand by man but when does it end I just see discuss every time I see him and I know he will do it again he just looks like that type.'

Someone else shaded Kirk as well: 'Mannnn every time I seee her with Kirk makes my head hurt . Rasheeda's sooo amazing she deserves soooooo much more than what he been giving her but hey more power too you Queen. 👑'

One supporter of the couple had this to say: 'I am so glad u guys r working it out Rasheeda you have a beautiful heart let God keep using you greater things ahead❤️🙏.'

Our thoughts and prayers are still with Keith Frost's family and friends.


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