Rasheeda And Kirk Frost Are Compared To Beyonce And Jay-Z By Fans Who Call Them Soulmates

Rasheeda And Kirk Frost Are Compared To Beyonce And Jay-Z By Fans Who Call Them Soulmates
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Rasheeda Frost and Kirk Frost have had their ups and downs as a couple, and anyone who knows these two is aware of that. But they are also aware of the fact that Rasheeda managed to put her family first, even in times when Kirk did not do this.

And eventually, she has apparently forgiven his cheating, and they are still together, seemingly going strong.

Rasheeda has just shared a photo of the two of them on her social media account, and diehard fas hopped in the comments section, praising the couple.

Someone commented 'Gemini n Aquarius are soul mates only ppl that can’t take a Gemini is an Aquarius. ❤️'

Another follower said, 'No wonder their relationship is always on the rock they are twin signs similar traits everyone knows that...I know for a fact she really is hurting on the inside.'

One fan compared them to Jay-Z and Beyonce: 'My favorite couple in the whole world next to Jay and Bey 💙🤞🏽❤️ y’all taught me that couples could get through anything keep shining my loves 🤞🏽'

A commenter said that Kirk is a lucky man: 'Mr. Frost is so lucky to have you.💕'

One person really wanted to respond to haters who said that she should have left him long ago: 'You can tell by these comments that some of y’all have some SERIOUS FORGIVENESS issues... like how long ago was that? When you look at this picture and see ANYTHING OTHER THAN 2 imperfect people trying to love and live.... YOU HAVE A MAJOR PROBLEM WITHIN YOURSELF and need to pray for spiritual elevation to come into your soul. God bless! ❤️'


Other than this, Rasheeda's fans have recently told her that she needs to have her very own fashion show , after praising her talent. She has managed to become an inspiration for her fans in more ways.

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