Rasheeda Frost Is Being Mocked By Kirk For Removing Her Wig And Cap At Dinner Table

Rasheeda Frost Is Being Mocked By Kirk For Removing Her Wig And Cap At Dinner Table
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Her own husband is mocking Boss Chick Rasheeda Frost because she is a no BS kind of a lady who happily removes her hat and her wig and placed them on the table for dinner time.

Kirk Frost is fortunate, not only is Rasheeda stunning and very hard working, but she has a great sense of humor and is not afraid to laugh at herself.

After the whole Jasmine Washington baby mama drama, it seems like the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta stars have returned to what would be called the normal life, and they are enjoying light-hearted moments with each other -- case in point, this wig picture.

Kirk is often clowning his two sons -- Ky and Karter -- but this time around, poor Rasheeda is the one getting it.

Via social media, the former rapper shared a hilarious picture where after a long day of work at her store, Rasheeda is home and is about to enjoy a nice meal.

The well-mannered businesswoman and femcee removed her baseball cap and her blonde bob wig and placed them next to her.

Kirk found the concept funny and had this to say about it: "Why @rasheedadabosschick took her wig off like a hat ??????."

A fan explained: "I love this picture, it’s real asf. Rasheeda still looks beautiful. Lord let me take this wig off a child and check my messages. That's call Adultery to many times @rasheedadabosschick now how many times you are going to take that to have s husband on your arm."

A second supporter shared this message: "When you need to take off that wig to read his nonsense. Dope photo black love y'all are a great couple, and I love how y'all worked through y'all differences real."

Another person reacted to the picture by stating: "I feel her sometimes you just got to snatch that bitch off when it way to hot but whoever try to sneak and take this picture of my boo she still popping regardless....hat Yandy said Stunning... it takes a true couple that love one another to withstand bottom feeders if anyone been married as long as they had and got the strong love it almost becomes breakable after 15 yrs married to my husband Mr. & Mrs. Frost May bend but won’t break. I’ve been bendable but never broken you n Kurt love one another."

This commenter stated: "Rasheeda hair is long and pretty... And I wish ppl stop saying how stupid she is... That's her marriage... Sum of you all azz doing the same thing... Be our own kind bringing us down smh. I feel you on the Bible and forgiveness, but it is also my understanding that God does not frown on divorce if infidelity is involved. It’s ok for her to forgive it's her life. I wouldn’t stay with him."

Rasheeda seems really chill these days.

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