Raquel Leviss Insists That Vanderpump Rules Star James Kennedy Never Cheated On Her

Raquel Leviss Insists That Vanderpump Rules Star James Kennedy Never Cheated On Her
Credit: Source: bravotv.com

As fans of Vanderpump Rules know, James Kennedy has been the target of several cheating accusations but his girlfriend, Raquel Leviss insists that he has never cheated on her! During an interview with HollywoodLife, the woman shared her own side of the story.

James is pretty much known for the number of women claiming he hooked up with them while dating Leviss at this point.

However, the pageant queen tells the outlet that ‘I know James hasn’t cheated on me in the way the girls related to Vanderpump Rules claim to say. I also have to be suspicious when Kristen Doute’s soul [sic] purpose is to ruin James Kennedy’s life and doesn’t even try to hide it. Then out of nowhere appears Kristen’s little sidekick, Hope, who waited conveniently to confess at pride. At this point, I don’t trust anybody but James.’

During the December 10 episode of the reality TV show, Kristen Doute and her BFF Hope met Raquel in a bathroom while in attendance at the Gay Pride Weekend celebration that took place at Lisa Vanderpump‘s SUR restaurant.

After being cornered by the two girls, she listened to what they had to say and later confronted her boyfriend.

‘Hope confessed that she had sex with you at Coachella,’ she told him

Meanwhile, a source shared with HollywoodLife that Raquel is well aware he cheated.

After all, when they became official, Raquel went to school 'up north' and so, they only saw each other that one time they had to shoot for Vaderpump Rules.

And because she was away and he knew he could get away with it, James hooked up with multiple women.

‘Even though James and I have just recently moved in together, we FaceTimed every morning and every night while I was earning my degree in Kinesiology during our long distance relationship,’ Raquel now argues.


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