Rapper YNW Melly Pleads For Kanye West's Help While He Serves Prison Sentence

Rapper YNW Melly Pleads For Kanye West's Help While He Serves Prison Sentence
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The incarcerated rapper, YNW Melly, recently called out to his former collaborator, Kanye West, for help. According to Hot New Hip Hop, Melly and Kanye worked together on the song, "Mixed Personalities," which helped cement Melly's status as a rising star.

Kanye and Melly worked together in the studio just a few months before he was convicted and incarcerated for the double murder of two of his friends. Since the coronavirus took the world by storm, Melly has been doing whatever he can to try and get out of prison, especially after he was diagnosed with the disease.

Earlier this year, it was reported that Melly wanted to get out of jail after contracting COVID-19, but the judge denied his release. Subsequently, it appears that the rapper has turned to Mr. West as a last resort. The 20-year-old rapper took to his Twitter account to say, "@kanyewest, need your help, DM."

Fans online are convinced the rapper is trying to get Kanye West to use his relationship with Donald Trump to get him out of prison before his trial. As most know, Kanye West did speak to Donald Trump about A$AP Rocky's situation in Sweden, which the president later addressed.

As it was previously reported, outlets confirmed Melly was feeling symptoms from the coronavirus, including a high fever and chills, however, due to his age, he'll likely be ok, unless he has bad pre-existing conditions.

Jamell Maurice Demons, mostly known as his artist name, YNW Melly, requested an earlier release on account of COVID-19. It was reported that he was struggling to breathe and had other signs of the virus. His lawyer also accused the prison in which he is staying of not taking the proper precautionary measures.

His attorney-at-law stated that the institution hasn't been following the guidelines set up by the Surgeon General and the Centre for Disease Control. This wouldn't be the first time a celebrity was trying to get out of prison due to the coronavirus scare.

Bill Cosby, Michael Cohen, and R. Kelly have all asked for an early release due to the virus.

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