Rapper Towkio Says He'll "Talk Out" Sexual Assault Allegations With Former Girlfriend Live On-Air

Rapper Towkio Says He'll "Talk Out" Sexual Assault Allegations With Former Girlfriend Live On-Air
Credit: Source: Billboard.com

After rapper, Towkio was accused of rape by his ex-girlfriend, Morgan, the artist came out and said he was "deeply saddened." Rather than releasing a statement denying her charges, the rapper chose to invite her to talk about what had happened between them.

In a four-paragraph letter, Towkio wrote, "I am deeply saddened by the recent allegations made by Morgan." The 25-year-old artist wrote that she and he were in an ongoing consensual relationship all the way back in 2014 which, in some cases, included other women.

"I only say this to provide context, and in no way to victim blame," Towkio added. He went on to say that he would never engage in sexual intercourse without her wanting to. The rapper denied her claims and stated that he felt awful knowing he may have contributed to her pain in some way.

According to his ex-girlfriend, the incident in question was back in February 2016 when she said she didn't want sex due to irritation from a yeast infection. She stated that when they began having sex, she told him to stop but he continued.

Since then, other social media users have found dirt on him, including a tweet from 2011 when he said, "we low-key rape women." While it's hard to determine what he exactly was referring to, some online suggested that it was a statement pointing to the complicated nature of sexual dynamics.

In other words, rapes or sexual assaults can occur when women don't communicate they're not ok with something in a way that the man fully understands, and due to a lack of consideration or communication, a sexual assault occurs without the male (or female) knowing it.

These allegations were likely inspired from the recent scandal involving R. Kelly, in which he was accused of abuse in a documentary on Lifetime, Surviving R. Kelly . The docu-series features a ton of different interviews with many different supposed victims.

Despite the widespread condemnation of R. Kelly in recent years, police charges haven't been brought, and it hasn't been determined if R. Kelly is, in fact, guilty of any crime. It's unclear if charges will be laid on Towkio either.

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