Rapper T.I. Welcomes 21 Savage Home And Tells Him To Enjoy His Family: 'We Ridin' Wit Ya'

Rapper T.I. Welcomes 21 Savage Home And Tells Him To Enjoy His Family: 'We Ridin' Wit Ya'
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It was reported that rapper 21 Savage was finally released . The Huffington Post wrote that the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency released 21 Savage after having him behind bars for approximately nine days.

After it turned out that 21 Savage is an illegal immigrant from the United Kingdom, he wasn’t even able to make it to the Grammy Awards. We don't even know if he would have in the mood for the event.

Anyway, tons of his fellow rappers have been celebrating his release, and T.I. is one of them.

'Took em long enough!!!! Welcome, Home Lil Bro... Enjoy ya, family, & shake all da way back!!! We Ridin Wit ya,' Tip captioned his post.

Someone wrote 'See when he was talking about killing they let him be. Soon as he wants to evolve mentally, they attack him. They understand his influential power....better peep game and wake up.'

Another follower said 'I'm not Black, but I feel for Savage! Shouldn't he get an extension? There's gotta be a way around this.🤔'

One of Tip's followers says he respects his, but he does not agree with him on this one:

'I have much respect for your advocacy regarding racial discrimination, but I disagree with you regarding your stand on 21 savage. This boy before coming to America lived a Crosby kid lifestyle with a parent who is a doctor, 21 savage gets over here in the USA and rap about 💩 he’s never lived promoting drugs and violence through his lyrics which will eventually if it hasn’t happened already will lead some of our children to the penitentiary , on drugs or possibly even death,' the person wrote.

The same follower continued and explained:'I have six children who all love rap music, and it’s cool cause I do too. I’m constantly telling them the consequences if acted upon what could happen to them if they believe what they are listening to through the lyrics. All parents don’t do that, and unfortunately, the children get lost by the wayside. 21 savage is a joke and very misleading and ain’t doing 💩 but misleading our black children HE NEEDS TO GO!!!'

What do you think about 21 Savage's case?

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