T.I. Opens Up About His Troubles As A Student In An Interview About His New Film

T.I. Opens Up About His Troubles As A Student In An Interview About His New Film
Source: RollingStone.com

The rapper T.I. recently released his new short film titled, Us or Else, on the network BET.

In an interview with CNN commentator Angela Rye, he opened up about his new movie, and the one time he when was kicked out of class for questioning his teacher.

During their interview, T.I spoke about how his new film collaborates with his larger mission in life which is to bring the "harsh realities" the African American community faces to the light.

The film will primarily focus on police brutality, systematic racism, gun violence and the relationship between police and law enforcement in general.

In the interview, he revealed a particular instance where, during a discussion about Christopher Columbus, the young man was kicked out of class for "being woke."

The rapper explained American civilization is predicated on violence, despite the violence in America being regularly phrased in the media as something that exists only in the urban inner cities where poor African American's live.

He said, "what about when America was founded? What principals were America founded on? What tactics were taken to acquire this body of land?"

After that, he revealed why he was kicked out of class.

He said, "I got put out of class because they were saying Christopher Columbus discovered America and I was like, OK," he recalls.

"Let me get this straight. You're saying this guy got off a boat and discovered some land, right, and the teacher was like, 'Yeah.' But last week, you said he was greeted by Indians, by Native Americans."

He went on to say it wasn't Americans who discovered the land but rather the aboriginal tribes who lived there before them.

T.I. concluded, "he didn't discover it, he took it, he stole it."

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