Rapper T.I. Calls 21 Savage A 'Treasure' In His Message Of Support

Rapper T.I. Calls 21 Savage A 'Treasure' In His Message Of Support
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A lot of celebrities have been supporting rapper 21 Savage these days after what had happened. 21 Savage's  rep has recently addressed the matter  in order to shed some light on his situation.

He was born in the U.K but moved here when he was merely seven years old. Additionally, reports claim that his immediate family has legal status. While the rapper is currently in jail, most of the community has been incredibly supportive of him.

Rapper T.I. is one of these supporters, and he even posted a message on his social media account in which he calls 21 Savage a 'treasure.' Check it out below.

'Seen this young kid grow into a king. I watched him build an empire wit very few instructions. I witnessed his growth personally from his first video ever until now. His commitment to change should be acknowledged and supported. I can’t just sit back and watch unnecessary punishment be cast down to one of OUR TREASURES. Anyone who been down before know exactly how much this shit ain’t no joking matter. We love ya and repping for ya all ways possible til you raise UP!!! #Free21' - this is Tip's message that he shared on Instagram.

People have all kinds of opinions on the matter and some of them think that this is just the law that should be followed.

Someone said 'He broke the law. Can we pick our battles, black people? I’m sure he’ll be fine in the UK.'

Another person has some questions: '@troubleman31 I have a legit question. Seeing as how for all intents and purposes he came from privilege (his father was an endocrinologist, and he lied about that) and ...for lack of a better word he faked being" hood" does anyone else feel like he faked having the plight of many impoverished black Americans in order to make monetary gains? If that is the case I don't believe he should be deported, but why are we going so hard for him? Do we as black Americans really believe that our only role models can be people who once glorified and sold drugs?'

A commenter had this to say: 'If 21 savage deserves to stay because he worked so hard then all immigrants deserve to stay they have the same story too.. I respect you but this I won't support. If my people are being deported for coming illegally so there should be no special treatment because of the fact that he is famous..'

Tip's wife Tiny Harris also found herself slammed by people after she showed public support for 21 Savage.

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