Rapper Logic Cries As His Retirement Album Is Streamed

Rapper Logic Cries As His Retirement Album Is Streamed
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Earlier this year, the rapper, Logic, announced his early retirement with a final project which was released this week. Hot New Hip Hop picked up on a live stream from the performing artist in which he reportedly started to sob as his album went live.

Reportedly, Logic dropped his final record and is officially out of the rap game. The 30-year-old artist said earlier this month that he was going to release his final record following a career of many singles, records, praise, and criticism.

Fans of the rapper know his work hasn't always been received positively, however, he has certainly curated a strong following. Following the birth of his child with his second wife, Logic said he was no longer going to rap so he could focus on being a great father.

In addition to keeping himself busy with his newborn son, Logic has reportedly started working with Twitch. According to Hot New Hip Hop, Logic revealed a virtual listening party for his fans this week and he broke down in tears thinking about all of the good times he had during his time as an artist.

Logic thanked a number of his cohorts, including J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, Mac Demarco, and Tory y Moi. The rapper went on to say there were so many other artists to personally thank for their dedication and support over the years.

As it was just noted, Logic hasn't always gotten the most respect from his cohorts in the music business. For instance, earlier this year, the podcaster, Joe Budden, said on his program that Logic should've retired a long time ago.

However, others came out to say hating on Logic just because he was a "nerdy" dude was "corny." While he certainly has skills as a rapper, Logic has been criticized by fans on social media for talking about being biracial too much, among other supposed transgressions.


Other fans have since wondered out loud if Logic was going to come out of retirement in just a couple of years, as many other rappers have done lately. 

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