Rapper Logic Buys His Son A Light-Up Controller For Christmas - Fans Accuse Him Of Encouraging Video Game Addiction

Rapper Logic Buys His Son A Light-Up Controller For Christmas - Fans Accuse Him Of Encouraging Video Game Addiction
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Fans of Logic were shocked when he revealed that he would no longer be an MC after years of success in the music business. Even though he admitted that some of his darkest times were when he was at the height of his fame, Logic continued to put out work that a large majority of his fans enjoyed.

This weekend, Hot New Hip Hop says the performing artist - who is the father of one son with his wife - bought him a new toy that's a reflection of his own love and interests.

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Reportedly, Logic has been busy spending a lot more time with his son, Bobby, and for Christmas, the rapper purchased him a new controller for his gaming system. Fans of the performer know he's a big fan of video games, and on Friday, he bought him a special edition light-up controller which is specially made for toddlers.

You can check out the video below:

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According to Hot New Hip Hop, Logic shows off his son and the new controller while simultaneously firing shots at people like Faze Clan and Ninja, essentially suggesting that his son was going to push them out of their positions in the gaming culture.

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As it was noted above, Logic has been a big gamer for a long time. In fact, he even shared some videos on his YouTube channel for a little while before going on to create his own Twitch account. Logic is clearly serious about it.

Thus far, it's not entirely clear why Logic left the music business, but he did say that he wanted to make sure he was a great father to his child. Other fans have speculated the rapper can no longer take the amount of hate and criticism that he receives while in the public eye.


Logic previously explained how the height of his success was also the darkest time in his life. Part of the reason was due to Joe Budden's fierce criticism of him, including when the former rapper said he was one of the worst rappers alive.

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