Rapper Kevin Gates Gets 30 Months In Jail For Illegal Firearm

Rapper Kevin Gates Gets 30 Months In Jail For Illegal Firearm
Source: Stereogum.com

The 2 Phones rapper is in trouble...again. On Wednesday, April 26th, the rapper pleaded guilty to a felony gun charge after his bail was denied earlier in the month at a Bridgeview Courthouse hearing.

Sources revealed the MC would be sent off to the Illinois Department Of Corrections.

This isn't the only time the rapper has been in trouble.

Gates allegedly kicked a female fan during a Florida concert in 2015.

He was charged with battery, found guilty, and sentenced to 180 days in prison.

As the rapper was about to be released out of jail, the police spotted an outstanding weapons-related warrant in his files, and he was summarily arrested and sent back to prison.

He released his new track in April, "What If" which prompted his wife, Dreka Haynes, to write a tribute on Instagram regarding the struggle of her husband going to jail.

She said, "to everyone that's rooting for Kevin right, THANK YOU, but PLEASE shift your thoughts, prayers, energy, etc., towards the idea of being home and enjoying life as a free man."

Haynes has since deleted the post, but she previously posted that fans should not take the information put out by the media as truth, alleging their "only goal in anything is to grab/seek attention," rather than releasing factual information.

Gates had a difficult upbringing and was arrested for the first time in 1999 at the age of 13 for "joyriding" as a passenger.

When he was 17, he briefly enrolled at the school of Baton Rouge Community College.

He is most known for blending "confessional" style raps that involve intimate details of his personal life.

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