Rapper DMX Was Allowed To Play A Song In Court As An Attempt At Mitigation

Rapper DMX Was Allowed To Play A Song In Court As An Attempt At Mitigation
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We reported that rapper DMX was sentenced to a year in prison for tax evasion. Before this, he was allowed to play one of his songs in court, in front of the judge as an attempt at mitigation. It seems that this didn't work out as he might have planned.

This sentence comes after the rapper entered a guilty plea regarding a tax evasion charge dating back in November 2017.

He entered a plea bargain, negotiating 14 counts of tax evasion to a single one. This way he was able to minimize the sentence from a possible 40 years to only five tops.

On the other hand, federal judge Jed Rakoff made the necessary accommodation for DMX's lawyer to play the rapper's 1998 hit called Slippin' relaying to the rapper's tough childhood.

DMX also had the chance to speak for himself in court this Wednesday, March 28 and he told the court that he knows the fact that taxes have to be paid and he admitted that what he did was wrong.

'I wasn’t following the rules,' DMX said. 'I was in a cloud.'

His lawyer the court that DMX had been a model prisoner, and he should be freed in order to support his 15 children and to attempt to pay back more than $2 million in back taxes.

Judge Rakoff called DMX’s tax fraud a 'brazen and blatant' crime that has to be punished. He, therefore, handed down a one-year imprisonment sentence, along with three more years of supervised release.

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